about us


Glamour Gurgaon is a renowned name in the field of Fashion Industry, Beauty Pageants & Entertainment Events hosted around the country for nearly a decade. Glamour Gurgaon is committed to support upcoming talent from diverse backgrounds and appreciate new and innovative ideas that pioneer and reflect the climate. With this in mind, our desire is to make a unique and positive contribution through Fashion & Beauty to the ever changing world and society within it. We believe in giving women a platform to fulfill their dreams and work towards their goals with determination, perseverance and integrity. We excel in organizing events that bring out the best in women. Our pageants are not simply for the purpose of finding a winner but to show women that they are all winners. Through these and several such events, we empower our women with self-confidence and a strong sense of belief in themselves. We provide comprehensive training to our contestants, including personal grooming and cultural awareness of the life after the pageant. We promise all our contestants a fair and honest competition. We give them an experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to meet with lifelong friends. Our winners further on get the opportunity to compete at national and international level platforms & also work in the industry as models, actors, artists & much more!

the director

Mrs. Barkha Nangia, Director Glamour Gurgaon and also a plus size model, is a visionary and new age businesswoman in the world of beauty and fashion. Annually, thousands of women participate in pageants conducted by her. The mission of the organization is to provide the tools which help women to be their personal best. Self-confidence is the key. Every woman should have the confidence to stand up in any situation. Glamour Gurgaon’s contestants and titleholders are able to cultivate their personal career goals and be a voice to affect positive change in the world. These women are forward thinking and motivated to not just talk about this change, but to initiate it. They have gone on to high-profile careers in business, broadcasting, theater, modeling as well as film & television.


Mrs. India - Pride of Nation


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